Fully automatic 200 mm Frame Handling Prober with Frame Gripper Function

Highest standard safety

Various options for use

Also for Wafers on Dicing Frames

Modular – can be extended at any time
  • For testing all wafers as well as wafers on Dicing Frames
  • For wafers on Dicing Frames 2-8- 1, 2-6- 1
  • For normal 5, 6 and 8 inch wafers
  • Newly developed software to correct the chip position
  • Automatic alignment of the wafer
  • Automatic probe needle for contact point adjustment
  • Optionally with Multiple Die Probing, spindle cleaning, GP-IB Interface, Probe-mark Inspection, Printer, Barcode Reader, Wafer ID Reader, Colour Camera and Flat Loader

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