Next-generation ultra-high-performance probing machine

Extremely high precision

Low vibration and low noise

High throughput (index move, wafer handling, wafer alignment)

Easy to use

High Security: Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software is installed as an default option


  • Needle cleaning (cleaning wafer, or cleaning unit)
  • Fan filter unit (mini-environment)
  • HF jig/manipulator, Tester interface
  • Loader : 2 Loader / Automation with AMHS
  • Head stage tilt (Probe card tilt)
  • Chuck: Ambient / Hot temp. / Low temp. /Low noise
  • APC : Auto probe card exchange
  • Cassette ID reading
  • Wafer ID reading (Top surface / Back surface)
  • GB-IB Interface
  • Prober Network (Veganet, Light-Veganet, Vega-Planet, GEM)
  • PCAS (Probe card auto setup)

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