Fully automatic Wafer Prober – also available for numerous special applications

Uncompromising for the throughput

Very flexible for application

Very precise navigation

Non-contact measurement
  • For wafers from 200 to 300 mm diameter – for special types of wafers too
  • Newly developed XY stage drive unit and a new algorithm for extremely high throughput
  • Improved Z-platform for the highest probe power – for even contact on high pin count probe cards with large surfaces
  • 15 inch LCD Touch Screen for easy operation
  • Optical Target Scope (OTS) for very precise measurements of the relative positions of Probe Cards and Chucks
  • Tri-Colour 3-Level Magnifying for colour recording and 3 enhancement levels
  • Navigation Display Function – the user can manage each desired wafer point by simply touching the wafer map

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