Blade Dicing

The task of the Wafer Dicing Machines is to separate the whole wafers into chips. Blade Dicers cut the wafers using fine saw blades. Our semi and fully automatic ACCRETECH Blade Dicers are available for wafers up to 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm diameter. In addition to user-friendliness, the excellent properties include high processing speed and the very compact construction. The AD2000T and AD3000T, with two opposite-facing spindles, are the smallest fully automatic Blade Dicers in the world with regards to their small footprint and new high-efficiency standards.


≤ 150 mm

Semi-automatic Blade Dicers with a high throughput and a reduced footprint. The 17 inch Touch Panel Screen also making it particularly simple for handling.


≤ 200 mm

High stability, low vibration, user-friendliness and environmental sustainability are also some of the most important features of the 200 mm Blade Dicer.

≤ 300 mm

High Performance Spindle or Twin Dicing Technology with 2 spindles – the best features to produce 300 mm large wafer chips with the maximum yield.


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Dicing Blades

Langlebig, stabil und hochpräzise. Mithilfe der verschiedenen Sägeblätter (Blades) können auch schwierige Materialen und extrem dünne Wafer vereinzelt werden.
Hub Type Blades
 Blades with Nickel Bonds
 Blades with Metal Bonds
 Blades with Synthetic Resin Bonds
 Ultra-hard Metal Blades